Optical Single Use Trocar

Optiport is a trocar used in the laparoscopic procedure of minimally invasive surgery. It is composed of a cannula with a threaded design to maintain fixation on the peritoneal wall.


  • It is disposable for peritoneal endoscopic surgery, which is used for puncturing or perforating tissues to insert a medical instrument into a surgical site.

Key Benefit

  • Durable universal seal, no reducer needed
  • Threaded design maximizes abdominal wall retention
  • Recessed stopcock valve
  • Autoshield/ Optical/ Bladeless
  • Clear vision through optical type
  • The housing is separated so that the tissues in the abdominal cavity can be removed. (10mm, 12mm)
  • Easy to insert with a small incision.
  • Seal also moves according to the movement of the device. (Gas leakage prevention)