Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon

The Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ is an easy-to-use uterine manipulator that maintains pneumoperitoneum and exposes the patient’s pelvic anatomy for better definition and optimal access to surgical landmarks during laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies.

Its curved design aligns to the angle of the sacral curve allowing for gentle insertion and its stiffer shaft enables a more effective manipulation of larger uteri. When applying cephalad pressure, the Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ delineates the vaginal fornices and clearly displaces the ureters, creating a safe operative margin for the colpotomy incision.

Pneumoperitoneum is maintained throughout the procedure with the OccludOR Balloon™ filled with up to 60cc of saline or air.


  • Four cervical cup sizes (32mm, 35mm, 37mm, 40mm) allow for optimal setting of the cervix and identification of the vaginal fornices, thus accommodating different gynecological procedures and patient characteristics.
  • The Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ is provided to maintain pneumoperitoneum
  • Rigid Shaft provides superior manipulation.
  • Cervical cups, made of Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (EFTE), offer high temperature resistance and strength. They can be used with any electrosurgical and harmonic energy sources.
  • Intrauterine balloon (10cc) stabilizes the Uterine ElevatOR PRO with OccludOR Balloon™ within the uterine cavity, providing a firm hold and control of the uterus.
  • Double-cup design of the Uterine ElevatOR PRO secures the cervical cup and occludes the vagina, preventing the loss of pneumoperitoneum throughout the procedure.
  • Ergonomic handle offers full control of the position of the uterus and thus giving surgeons better access to key surgical landmarks.
  • Single-piece device, fully assembled, reduces procedural setup time, and eliminates additional costs (extra components, repair sterilization)