Energy Device

iScalpel Ultrasound Activated Generator

This is an ultrasonic surgical device consisting of a generator, a foot switch, and a handpiece. 

Generator is activated when an electric current flow through the piezo-ceramic piece installed inside the handpiece of the generator, and the piezo-ceramic piece converts electrical energy into vibrational mechanical energy, amplifying and transmitting this energy to the electrode. 

The tip of the electrode vibrates in high frequency at a rate of 55.5 kHz. This energy is used to incise or stop bleeding. 

Generator is used with disposable hand-controlled electrosurgical electrodes.

  • Vibration amplitude: 60μm±50%
  • Ultrasonic power output: <3mm
  • Resonant frequency: 55.5kHz±10%
  • Output margin index: 1.5 ∼ 2.0
  • Ultrasonic power range: 100mW/cm​2 ∼ 500mW/cm​2