Energy Device

iScalpel Ultrasound Activated Scalpel - USE Series

iScalpel is an ultra-scission device used in ultrasound surgery. It is used for incision and hemostasis of soft tissue during laparoscopic and laparotomy. 

When electrical energy converted into physical vibrate through the handpiece, the blade is ultrasonically vibrated to denature and coagulate proteins to hold tissue, coagulate, and cut.



  • Works intelligently, adjusting the energy output according to different tissue, better performance of cutting and coagulating.
  • Able to deal with 5mm vessels.
  • Main unit runs stably, guaranteeing shears work safely and offer outstanding clinical performance


Key benefits

  • CE certificate.
  • Finish cutting and coagulating at same time.
  • Made of higher-grade materials, easy to hold and operate, multi-functionality in a single device.
  • Less injury to the tissue.