Energy Device

iScalpel Ultrasound Activated Scalpel - USS Series

iScalpel is an ultra-scission device used in ultrasound surgery. It is used for incision and hemostasis of soft tissue during laparoscopic and laparotomy. 

When electrical energy converted into physical vibrate through the handpiece, the blade is ultrasonically vibrated to denature and coagulate proteins to hold tissue, coagulate, and cut. 

iScalpel has two types of model - Gun type USE Series and Scissor type USS Series

  • The USS enables cutting and coagulation of soft tissue by generating mechanical vibration of surgical instruments through ultrasonic energy. It is possible to control the bleeding during surgery and minimizes thermal damage to normal tissues.
  • Shear (cutting): This is the main working part, which emits ultrasonic waves used for cutting or coagulating tissue.