Surgical Stapler

Transverse Cutting Linear Stapler

Transverse Cutting Linear Stapler range of straight, transverse cutting, linear staplers represent a major step forward in presenting a device that provides safe tissue stapling and cutting in areas where access is restricted. 



  • Non-absorbent material used to connect body tissues.
  • Able to access to tissue where other devices are not able to access easily.

Key Benefit

  • Slim 9mm head assembly assisting with access and maneuverability during procedures.
  • Wider jaw opening in both intermediate and fully open positions – 1.5mm and .5mm respectively when compared to conventional curved devices.
  • Anti-slip design of firing handle giving improved firing ergonomics.
  • Middle interlock position with single handed jaw release control facilitating easy intra-operative repositioning.
  • Manual or automatic tissue retaining pin mechanism.
  • Audible indicator of intermediate locking position prior to clamping and firing.
  • Cartridge safety interlock device preventing firing of pre-fired empty cartridges.