Surgical Stapler

Circular Staplers for Hemorrhoids

CPH is a product for rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids. This product has a staggered double circular line staple arrangement to suture the rectal mucosa of the anus.

The circular blade in the center serves to cut off excess tissue after suturing to rebuild the rectal mucosa. 

It has staples, cuts tissue, and creates a circular anastomosis. The diameter of the staple line can be selected from 32mm and 34mm.



  • CPH is a device used to bandage or ligature the periplasmic area to prevent blood from flowing around the hemorrhoid.     


Key Benefit

  • Only product that has 32 staples in 2 rows to assist more effective hemostasis
  • Unique “cutting” mechanism with circumferential push assembly
  • First to supply two anal dilators
  • First to introduce a minimum tissue cap of 0.75mm as standard.
  • Highest quality surgical steel cutting blade.
  • Large internal housing capacity to accommodate more tissue
  • Additional staples to provide effective hemostasis.
  • Wing nut closing handle facilitates easy closure.