Surgical Stapler

High Volume Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy

This instrument is designed on the principles of surgical staplers. By placing two alternating overlapping staples in circular peripheral lines, the rectal mucosa and/or rectal wall above the anal canal can be sealed. The central circular cutting blade cuts the surplus tissue after the sealing to reconstruct the rectal mucosa and/or rectal wall. CPH-HV is the first device specifically designed to maximize the volume of the staple housing while maintaining the essential design of the device used for staple hemorrhoidopexy.


Key Features & Specs

  • Stainless steel anvil shaft to maximize stability during firing and clamping.
  • The largest volume staple housing on the market today allows the resection of more tissue when clinically required.
  • Transparent staple housing and staple pushers giving maximum visual feedback.
  • Suture conduits allow better access and provide additional options in tissue manipulation.
  • 0.75mm tissue gap when closed gives optimum mucosal compression to maximize hemostasis.
  • 32 circumferentially mounted titanium staples optimize hemostasis and anastomosis.
  • CPH34HV remarkable transparent housing gives the surgeon a new perspective on the procedure that was not possible until now.
  • Lowered tissue stop to facilitate ‘pull through’ of tissue into housing.