Cordless Morcellator

The X-Cise is a cordless fully disposable morcellator intended for tissue morcellation during laparoscopic gynaecological procedures. 

The unique design of the LINA X-Cise provides safe and easy control during hysterectomy and myomectomy.



  • A device that cuts and ablates tissue using an electric or air-operated knife inserted into the body cavity during laparoscopic procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Single use device that is completely ready to use.
    • Cordless and no assembly required.
    • Fully disposable.
    • 1,000 RPM morcellate power.
  • Easy and effective morcellation.
    • Flared cutting tube.
    • Inner bevel blade design.
    • Adjustable coreguard.
  • Full control during morcellation.
    • Three-step positioning.
      • Safety guard – blade fully retracted into the cannula for patient safety.
      • Cut 1 – surface peeling.
      • Cut 2 – coring.