Monopolar Laparoscopic Instrument

Laparoscopic Monopolar Grasper/Dissector

Monopolar laparoscopic graspers/dissectors modified the stainless-steel scissor shaft and rod. This device is disposable and has 5 tip styles. It extended insulation for safety and works dual action without knuckles. This device has 2 different lengths, 33Cm and 43Cm. Tip of the device can be rotated easily and has a 5-year shelf life. This device is latex free and PVC free.

  • To grasp, squeeze the handle.
  • To release/reposition, press the trigger, the jaws spring will open.
  • Modified the stainless-steel scissor shaft and rod
  • Single use, disposable
  • 5 tip designs
  • Extended insulation
  • Disposable ES cord included
  • Can be used as dissector by holding in trigger